Aug. 27, 2017

Oh What A Beautiful World

54 years ago today about 200,0000 people of all colors, and ethnicities were getting ready to make their trek to Washington DC. Many of the organizers of the March were preparing signs and having strategic meetings on the eve of this historic march. This march which was going to capture the eyes of the entire world. Most people believe now that the march centered around the issue of civil rights for people of color in the United States. However, the March was for Jobs as well as Freedom. Everyone will remember the I Have a Dream Speech by Martin Luther King Jr. which some say was the most poignant speech ever given in the history of this or any other national assembly. Yet, had Martin not heard Mahalia Jackson call out tell them about your dream, Doc. Martin Luther King's rally call would have been for economic settlement of funds owed.  Doc had his dream, his moment, his time to bring his extraordinary vision to the masses on how he hoped America would eventually evolve into as a society. Yet Martin Luther King also understood that without economic equality between the races and classes of people in this nation. The dream he envisioned would never become a reality in this nation. We still are chasing King's dream even as we begin to celebrate the historic gathering of our ancestors 54 years ago tomorrow.  If we could only look past color in the nation and focus on human content and ability. Oh, what a world we would live in.  If we could overcome the need to consume and nurture the need to bloom for each other. Oh, what a world we would live in. If those who own literally all the wealth in this nation could see the way to distribute and contribute rather than to hoard and ignore. Oh, what a world we would live in. If we could see within ourselves the beauty that the All Mighty created in each of us. Rather than look for ways to destroy each other for an imagined move upwards. Oh, what a world we would live in. If men could see the beauty and grace of a woman rather than just see that woman's sexual place. Understand that power comes not in throwing a blow or calling a sister a hoe. Oh, what a beautiful world we would live in. If mankind could just focus on saving what the All Mighty gave him province over, this environment. Rather than looking to milk a dollar out of every available resource. Oh, what a beautiful world we would live in. Even those who say that King was divine would actually find the time to fully comprehend what King's divine message was and how it is now ignored by people who only see the dream. Oh, my God, what indeed would this world be to live in? The harmony, and humanity of mankind must overtake the greed and avarice of mankind.