Aug. 29, 2017

Houston My God Houston

Does God intend on taking the entire state of Texas back? How do the city administrators not prepare for this magnitude of a disaster? I mean after what happened in New Orleans, no one should have prepared minimally. The state and city preparation should have been focused on the maximum storm strength, not the minimum strength.

My God, this is such an awful sight. It will take decades for Houston to recover from this and with 80% of its inhabitants without flood insurance how will they even start to recover? Hey, FEMA can you get those mobile homes ready and this time make sure this time that they are environmentally safe to inhabit. 

Is this what happens when man interferes with Mother Nature and Mother Nature strikes back with a vengeance? I mean science has been telling us that Houston was a perfect storm city and it seems that Harvey was that perfect storm to inflict the most disproportionate amount of damage.