Aug. 29, 2017

Are We Ready? New Orleans, New Jersey, Houston, The DMV?

The scene in Houston could easily be replicated in the DMV if a storm the magnitude of Hurricane Harvey decides to spin up the Chesapeake Bay and saturate the rivers and streams with an avalanche of rain that this storm has produced. Have we given up control of how to manage the environment for the lust of profits? Do we have enough grasslands to protect us from a storm of this type? We have elected legislators who don't believe in the science of global warming. We have allowed an over abundance of construction in areas deemed vulnerable to storm damage. How will our elected representatives in Washington react when a storm surge of 16 feet comes into Alexandria, Virginia or Washington DC? Can Baltimore survive a mega storm with the power potential to be stationary off the coast of Maryland for an entire week?

We tend to vote our personal interest or even ignore to vote period and then we are surprised when you realize no attempt was made to create true barriers to cataclysmic environmental natural episodes of disaster.
We rather have stadiums than wetlands, rather have luxury than to sacrifice, rather drink liquor and smoke a stogie than to think about what if? Most of us think about what if after and that my friends are short sighted thinking. We have to begin to face the facts that we have to protect ourselves against the environment because the environment has declared an all out assault on mankind. I look at the Chesapeake Bay almost every day and I relish in its magnificent beauty. 
However, I don't fail to think of its enormous power to change the landscape of lives of so many vulnerable people should the circumstances arise. Do you think about how that body of water you live near maybe not even see but that creek, stream, or lake is connected to a larger body of water that can bring all hell on you at any given moment of time? Do you see that dam that has crested and overflows then delivers an incredible of flooding waters to your community? We saw Hurrican Katrina take on an defeat the forces of New Orleans and it looks as if Hurricane Harvey is going to defeat the forces of Texas. How long before we in the DMV are facing a similar situation of that magnitude? Are we ready? Ask yourself can you survive flood waters of 16-18 feet above sea level? We must have some serious discussions about our ability to defend ourselves against Mother Nature because it looks to me as if she not too happy.