Aug. 31, 2017

I Love America But I Hate American Injustice

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

Martin Luther King Jr.


This is just for my social media family to understand and be prepared for. I noticed I'm losing some social media associates because I started my campaign "#standforcolin" against the National Football League. Understand this, I will stand continually for equal justice and fair treatment for all peoples in this nation. Those rights are supposedly framed by the phrase "liberty and justice for all". 

I will also continue to vigorously support this cause or any other cause that highlights examples of injustice every day.  You see if we allow ourselves to shut our eyes to injustice simply because it is more convenient to ignore an issue than to confront an issue. What are we saying to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to exact justice in America? Not watching a football game or not supporting my home team Baltimore Ravens is a small price to pay to ensure that our liberties aren't threatened and we can maintain the right to free speech and open direct protest against the wrong that may exist in our society. 

Wrong is wrong whether it interrupts my scheduled time to watch a game is simply not that important. It is the principle of the issue that is Colin Kaepernick's ability to fight or highlight injustice. That right shouldn't be threatened or affects his ability to earn a living. The owners of these 32 franchises are not larger or more important than the Constitution. So if you have any problems with my protest against the injustice being directed at Colin Kaepernick then I'd advise you can choose to do whatever you feel is necessary. I love to continue our social media relationships but if my position troubles you then step away from my page. 

You see I believe that America can be, should be, and must adhere to the basic principles outlined in the Bill of Rights. If this nation is to fully reach the levels of liberty it desires. We as citizens should aspire and demand nothing less from those who control the power to create a harmonious society. In order to produce that nation, we cannot accept wrong and think it right. Liberty and justice will never reveal itself until injustice stops flowing like a continuous stream of hate and justice begin to flow like a river on all communities nationwide.