Aug. 31, 2017

Can Texas Gas and Chemical Industries Be Trusted To Fully Report Environmental Damages?

Houston is a city that has a huge number of chemical plants and gas refineries. I wonder with all this flooding what aren't the affected private companies disclosing as it relates to potential or actual environmental damage? I mean the degree of damage could be of catastrophic proportions. Will these companies allow an independent team of environment investigators to assess and evaluate the potential damages? Or is the public going to be satisfied that the powers to be will be completely honest in reporting the truth? I mean oil and chemical companies have a long history of lying to the public or simply just not reporting the truth. This is what I am thinking about tonight along with praying that those affected will be given fair compensation. The Gulf Coast fisheries must have severely damaged by the pollution caused by Hurricane Harvey. Already the city of Beaumont, Texas's entire water supply has been threatened. My concern is what's next, and will the public be informed of the potential hazards? I think that is a question that should be addressed by our national legislators.