Sep. 2, 2017

Musings One Year Later

If The Door For Enlightenment Has Opened Please Don't Allow It To Ever Close Build Your Conscious Substance
There is a beauty in life that gravitates and motivates for those persons who are enlightened. That glow of energy that creates your aura truly means that no matter the circumstances that person confronts he/she has the innate ability to RISE above type of challenges that confront them. You are the real difference in initiating change. Inside of each of us is the change mechanisms that your communities require to process positive change. You must simply recognize that you hold that gift and be willing take the reins of control. It doesn't require that you have advanced degrees of knowledge because learned knowledge not utilized for growth of the individual or the betterment of the group is wasted knowledge. If that knowledge has no benefit to boost one's ability to motivate others. What was the purpose of gaining the knowledge?
How many people do you know who have multiple degrees but serve no useful purpose in society? They may be knowledgeable but they are empty in conscious substance. 
Did Malcolm X have educational institutional conferred degrees? No, but Malcolm's conscious substance was off the charts as it related to his understanding of humanity, as well as how his conscious substance could benefit society. How many degrees were conferred on Frederick Douglass, Harriett Tubman, Marcus Garvey, Medgar Evers, Muhammad Ali, or Elijah Muhammad yet each of these individuals had a conscious substance that bordered on the unbelievable. They were indeed able to motivate and engage men and women to strive for heights considered incomprehensible by many in our society. How did they accomplish the so-called impossible? They believe in the impossible. Whatever they could envision as possible was indeed possible.
For if you can power up your own position energy and activate your magnetism. Then you too can drive that change needle towards substantive positive action. You must not even consider hesitating because once duty makes its call. It is your responsibility to boost that conscious substance that drives the power of change. The call would not have been made to you if something or someone very special didn't first initiate or generate that thought within you. So go on and drive your personal transport of progressive action. Doing so will ensure that we will have far better community than one can see today. The community will then have the possibility to become a community filled with better tomorrows. It's not what you see that makes the change. It's what you dream and you hope to see germinate that makes every possible tomorrow worthy of that expended energy.