Sep. 3, 2017

That's Right The Howard University Bisons

I just wanna say to everyone this fine Sunday afternoon how proud I am to have a quasi-relationship with one the greatest HBCU's, Howard University's Bison, after my own Morgan State University. Howard University stunned the college football nation by whupping the hind pots off the University of Nevada Las Vegas Running Rebels 43-40. The Bisons have an illustrious history of dynamic football players including that great quarterback Skye Walker, but yesterday's win had to be one of the greatest ever in Howard University school's history. UNLV was simply going to write another fresh meat check to gain a win nothing else They were supposed to make mincemeat or should I say bison meat out of Howard University but this HBCU had something else to say about that.

Lead by Former University of Virginia Head Coach Mike London, who took a pay-cut to leave his assistant's post at the University of Maryland to take the head coaching position at Howard University. Along with Cam Newton's little brother, Caylin Newton and a feisty determined team came into the game as 40 point underdogs and left Sam Boyd Stadium, with an unimaginable victory. Guess which HBCU college is no longer on UNLV's speed dial? That's right the Howard University Bisons!

That's why I am a proud graduate of Morgan State University because all HBCU graduates have a special kinship.  We have a bond because this nation's larger PWI's have always shown us the back door in terms of athletic respect.  Well, when one HBCU is victorious, all HBCU's are part and parcel of that victory. When Morgan plays Howard, I am 100% Grizzly Bear but when Howard University or any other HBCU is playing a PWI school. My allegiance is focused on the upset because these large schools write a check so that the HBCU can take a licking. Not yesterday though, Howard University applied the licking as well as cashed the check. Go Bison, Bison Pride, HBCU Dominance!