Sep. 5, 2017

Hell Is Coming Her Name Is Irma, Now Get Out!

A quarter of a century ago a Category 5 Hurricane Andrew swept through southern Florida and the destruction it rendered was beyond human imagination. People should remember the horrendous destruction and get the hell out of dodge. If you are anywhere near the path of Hurricane Irma go now today pack up some necessities and head to the center of America. Do not take a chance to ride out HELL because that is what is headed your way HELL and her chief objective is to take no prisoners. Once Irma has ridden the coast of Florida and done her do. She will now enter the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico which is so damn inviting this time of the year. Hurricane Irma could possibly do even more damn damage than either Katrina or Harvey. Get out now while you have the chance. For those of you in the islands in Irma's path may God have mercy on your poor souls. If you have decided beyond human understanding to ride this hellish storm out. Hurricane Irma is like a shark. She feeds on destruction and mayhem and is in search of victims. Please don't be one of those victims Irma claims.