Sep. 6, 2017

Get Out! Why, They Bring More To Humanity's Table Than You Do

Lady Liberty is shedding tears as I write this post. How can a nation that once aspired to the global symbol of democracy and hope? Now become a nation that turns out 800,000 young people who had hopes of living the American dream. How can that be possible? Oh, that's right Trump is now the President which means hope hangs by the sheared fibers of Injustice's stained rope.  America, I fear that if you close your hearts, minds, and souls to these DREAMERS, who sought to immerse themselves in our society supposedly built on justice, truth, equality, and freedom.  You, America are in fact turning your back to the progressive evolution of our sacred democratic and republican philosophies based on “we” not on “me”. America, why do you want to slip back to a period of isolation and darkness when the light of hope is still flickering? I believe in the America that is hopeful not an America that shuts the door on hope and rejects the hopeless searching for hope. Some of my forefathers came here in chains against their will but nevertheless assisted in the building of you, America. 

The question is why are these 800,000 young people threatened with deportation back to mostly Latin American nations? One could surmise that when the decision-makers circled around the table they didn’t see only  800,000  potential citizens. They saw the possibility of an additional 1,600,000 first generation children, and then possibly 3 times that number of second generation children. They saw, in fact, more coloring of America that is acceptable to an ever decreasing majority of white Americans. The overpopulation theory that shields the racially motivated possibility.  Or maybe they feel that sending these young educated Non-Americans who are now somewhat indoctrinated in our system. Or will these deportees provide the impetus to societal change in the country they return to? You know to become the voices that will lead to a more Americanized Latin America. Come to think of that isn’t a possible reason because these racially motivated decision-makers aren’t that foresighted. 

 Race and race alone is the reason for the decision to unleash the federal armies of VICE in six months to gather these DREAMERS up and ship them back home. They hope that along with the DREAMERS some others are scooped up as well as our federal agents of “get the hell outta here” are deployed. Get the undesirables you know the hopeful brown people out and build that damn wall. Is there any way we can redo what Trump has already dismantled? Or has this nation’s current federal administration truly been able to rip hope out of American society in just 9 months for millions of people seeking it? America cannot be great again, or even by shutting its door to diverse thought and ideas. That’s what these DREAMERS bring to the table and what those who want them out don’t bring to the table of humanity.