Sep. 6, 2017

Excessive Use Of Force

Mike Bennett realized his millions ain't worth a hill of beans to law enforcement officers in Las Vegas, Nevada. Even Mike said that with all that prestige and cash money. He still ain't nothing but a nigger in the eyes of the law. Colin Kaepernick's stance was against police brutality. Michael Bennett supports the stance of Colin Kaepernick and his being victimized in this case which involved an obvious case of excessive use of force. Is it just a circumstance of wrong place, wrong time, or is it something else? I am not a conspiracy theorist. It just seems funny. One wrong move by Mr. Bennett and would have been a permanent case of lights out for another black man on a public street in this country. If the nation still seemingly won't protect us from those sworn to defend and protect our rights what chance do we have. If a gun is fired and the only suspect is going to be any innocent black man running for cover, what chance do we have? Growing up in the inner city you learned to run away from the sound of gunfire. I guess in Las Vegas if you are Black you simply must stand in place and possibly take some lead or get a special kind of beat down by the Vegas PD if caught running from gunfire.