Sep. 7, 2017

Nature's Force and Fury Is Amazing, My God

This afternoon I have to blog about the situation with Hurricane Irma in the aftermath of her strike in the Carribean Islands. I understand that Irma took out the entire island of Barbuda. How is that even possible? They are saying 90% of the island's properties were affected by the tremendous force of this storm. While the current death toll of this storm is about 10, rest assured that the after effects of Irma will multiply that death toll by the hundreds. Right now the authorities in Barbuba are saying the entire island is homeless. The entire population has been thrust out whatever nature has in store without protection. I mean there are two other hurricane force storms, Jose, Katia along with Irma situated currently in the Atlantic Ocean. That freakish environmental condition has never before happened, or it hasn't happened since scientists have been recording hurricanes. Is something amiss in the environment that now makes the impossible possible in terms of the wrath of nature? I don't care what any of these reluctant unbelieving imbeciles who deny global warming say there is definitely some serious environmental issues that are man-made and are currently negatively impacting elements of the weather. I saw vignettes yesterday of hurricane force winds exceeding 200 miles per hour. That simply isn't natural and if this is what the future bears in terms of potential storm strength. It isn't going to be pleasant days during hurricane season in the coming years. I mean Irma took out an entire island and she isn't even done yet.

Hurricane Irma then proceeded to go full hellish on the island of St. Marteen, the island with that beautiful airport that I flew into about a decade ago is gone. The airport's condition? Is it gone, damn! I sat in that beautiful port town that flashed those expensive beautiful sailboats and multi-million dollars yachts while I drank rum punch by the pitcher. Well, Hurricane Irma took that picturesque view and she devastated it in seemingly a flash of a moment. The President of the Island was so shaken by the degree of destruction, he almost was without words. All he could say is that this island's recovery would be measured in decades, decades, damn decades. I hope that St. Thomas and St. John Islands withstood the wrath of this horrendous creation of GOD because Puerto Rico didn't. Puerto Rico's resident can get any more worst news than that Hurricane Irma left 1,000,000 people without electrical power. This damage was done to a power grid that was already crippled by the economic fallout of Puerto Rican government in a condition of bankruptcy right now? They are saying it will be not a matter of days or weeks before the total restoration of power but multiple months. FEMA already taxed by the after-effects of Hurricane Harvey in the Texas Gulf Coast now must find resources to assist the residents of this island already in dire straits.

Hurricane Irma is brewing currently in the Atlantic Ocean with her sights on the biggest target she has the capability to destroy. Those who reside in Florida, not just the southern tip of Florida but the entire state are under a hurricane warning right now. This storm has the potential to impact every major city in the state of Florida. If these are the types of storms that are going to be the norm as we move forward in the era of environmentally impacted global warming events then I think that having that wonderful view of the ocean isn't going to be such a great thing much longer. Hurricane Irma may take out a few more innocent islands before she begins her deadly track north tomorrow. I understand that the Turks and Caicos Islands are in her path. If this true these islands don't have a chance to survive a direct hit without suffering incredible damage. I love the people who inhabit these islands. They fun-loving, cheerful, and full of life. If there is a miracle in store than just take the property and leave these people alive. They can recover from any thing except death. The island of Cuba that say will not take a direct hit but still will be impacted. The big activity begins on Friday as Hurricane Irma goes full bore on the state of Florida. Can you get to central Alabama by tomorrow? Damn betcha if my life was on the line. I will pray for those unable to travel find the securest shelter stay as far away as possible from the windows. However, for those having hurricane parties may God have mercy on your souls. Hurricane Irma is huge, monstrous, and was created for destruction. Let's hope she doesn't make you a victim. I pray that Hurricane Jose doesn't follow the same path as Irma because that would be the worst of scenarios.