Sep. 15, 2017

september 15, 1963 Pure Black Love

four little girls

salute to the girls

shame on their ultimate price 

in 63 that was a dark time when being black seemed like a crime

the white man’s hate was quite profound

on sunday morning september fifteenth

were full of such grieve 

you see the man white’s hate 

meant these four families had to buy wreaths 

off to sunday school, they embarked

soon to be eaten by those hated white sharks

these little girls soon encased totally in the dark

Denise, Cynthia, Addie, and Carole 

didn’t bother anyone were just starting to give life a twirl

learning of Jesus’s words based on love so divine

the bomb is ticking in the basement 

they are now running out of time

this is Alabama so no white man will pay for the crime

four little girls innocent but not meek

born in a city with the scent of racial hatred that reeked

born white and these girls they are still standing

born black and these girls are blown up on that Birmingham church landing

so what have we learned from their terrible sacrifice

that haters are still trying to hold on and control the world’s dice

and still, so many people still see  injustice 

and not even look twice

and that my family is still inequalities price

make America great again now is the call

yet these four little girls never once shopped at a mall

you see being black that wasn’t their parent’s call

yet their ultimate sacrifice led to jim crow’s fall