Sep. 16, 2017


Hey, White Americans you can't have it both ways, you oppose white supremacists yet at the same time agree with their views. CONFLICTED. No, you simply don't want to identify as racist but like it or not you were raised to be a racist. You must fight the feeling because until you confront your racism you will never overcome it.

In a Huffington Post article reflecting White Americans views on White Supremacists, an Ipsos poll indicated that:

"For instance, while only 8 percent of respondents said they supported white nationalism as a group or movement, a far larger percentage said they supported viewpoints widely held by white supremacist groups: 31 percent of Americans polled strongly or somewhat agreed that “America must protect and preserve its White European heritage,” and 39 percent agreed that “white people are currently under attack in this country.

The poll results do show both an American public that overwhelmingly rejects racist affiliations and movements but at the same time is more tolerant of racially insensitive positions,” Kyle Kondik, communications director at the University of Virginia Center for Politics, told HuffPost."

So while many White Americans don't want to perceived as not being racially insensitive. The fact is that many White Americans share similar attitudes as those same suprematists that they say don't reflect or represent their feelings related to people of color.  How are white people under attack in this nation from any minority group? If white people are indeed under attack. The attack is coming from the same elements of power that is attacking minority groups.  The power of the .05 of the 1% that controls the institutional racism that has evolved in this nation for over two and half centuries. 

Another interesting outcome derived from this poll concerns those statues all over this nation related to the rebels who fought to maintain slavery. 

"When it comes to the debate about removing Confederate monuments, for instance, most Americans polled (57 percent) said they think the statues should remain in public spaces, and less than one-third (26 percent) said they think they should be removed."

So only a little over a quarter of white people feel that these statutes should be removed. While almost 60% of white people feel that these symbolic signs of oppression should remain in public view. Really?  Just how many monuments remain in Germany honoring Adolf Hitler's terroristic reign of the Nazis? How many monuments remain in Italy honoring Benito Mussolini terrorist reign of the Fascists?  There has to be something acutely wrong with honoring a group of traitors whose sole purpose was to keep an entire race of people in bondage with no more rights than chattel.

So, you may have that cursory black friend, even have a few blacks who have intermarried into your family. Yet you still harbor a racist feeling of contempt for people of color. That is what I mean this afternoon about "conflicted". White people must understand that blacks have a healthy distrust of white people. Why because we understand the philosophy of someone smiling in your face and at the same time ignoring the knife being shoved in our backs. You see that knife has been in our backs for almost four centuries now and the smiling ignoring faces are simply standard fare for white people as it relates to people of color. Mind you not all white people are in this category because a few have come to grips with and overcome their racism. Yet until the majority of white people come to understand that racism is as American as apple pie, We will never be able to have a true healthy discussion about race in America. That is my provoked thought this Saturday.