Sep. 17, 2017

Black Superiority My Version 2017

The SWAC and MEAC Conferences comprised the two NCAA Sub-Division 1 in college football that is primarily attended by black athletes and black scholars. These two conferences also comprise the two conferences that are eligible to participate in NCAA Tournament of 68 teams that can win the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Since I no longer am spending my Sunday sitting in front of my 81-inch multiplex television watching the Kaep-Less National Football League. It has given me a chance to think about the inequalities that exist in this country and how we can overcome those inequalities quickly.

There are a total of 21 schools that comprise these two conferences. The total number of college football and basketball athletes on scholarship is about two thousand one hundred and thirty (2,130) of which one thousand eight hundred and fifteen (1,815) are male college football players potentially on scholarship and six hundred and thirty (630) male and female athletes potentially on a basketball scholarship. We know how the skill position players in football are now historically players of color on both offense and defense in college football. While in college basketball the courts are filled with players of color across all five positions in both men's and women's basketball.
The pride factor in many primarily white institutes of higher learning has enabled those schools alumni to feed revenue into those schools to boost athletic performance. While can't the black communities across the nation create a similar pride factor for these 21 SWAC and MEAC schools? Rather than sending monies initially send the highest black ranked athletes male and female to our schools. The white populace talks and acts on "white supremacy", and our communities suffer the adverse effects of those racist policies. There are few areas of American society that people of color control. Yet in the area of intercollegiate athletics, we do in fact rank high in terms of producing athletes of pure excellence. Look back in both the Heisman and Naismith Trophy winners of the past five decades since integration moved our quality athletes from our black institutions to the major white institutions. The majority of those illustrious trophy winners were men and women of color.
The time is now or never to turn the tables of athletic power from not only us controlling the actual playing fields but also demanding that equality shifts from the playing fields to classrooms and beyond. We fully accepted integration with all of its limitations hoping that both races would play with a sense of equality and harmony. It wasn't and hasn't been that way. Our black communities continue to suffer while the white communities haven't lost a beat economically since 1965. The income disparity between whites and blacks is the same in this nation as it was before integration. So let's change the change the rules of the game in America. Americans want winning teams especially their alumni college teams. If black parents of the top male and female academically talented students and top male and female black students that are athletically gifted make a conscious decision to only consider attending one of these 21 schools. We could shift the balance of athletic supremacy quickly in this nation. We most likely could shift the balance of power in basketball more quickly but we also could eventually shift the balance in college football as well.
Just imagine a Morgan State, North Carolina Central, Jackson State and Southern University comprising the FINAL FOUR in both Men's and Women's NCAA Basketball? Or having our football teams dominating initially the Sub-Divisions of NCAA Football Championship? Then having those two conferences, MEAC and SWAC, move up in category to participate in Division 1A Championship Football Playoffs. Imagine? They have convinced us that we are incapable of having unity in our communities. Let's prove them wrong. They want to press this issue of "white superiority", then let's play that game with something we can absolutely power to the top in, athletics. Let's play the game of a "new black superiority" for the next quarter of a century. We can control the following sports track, football, basketball, and volleyball by simply unifying our best athletes and scholars to attend the 21 schools in both the MEAC and SWAC. We can get Tennessee State to come on home to either of these conferences. If they want to play the game of superiority let them play it, and see who plays it best on the field of athletic play.
Then after controlling these college games. We can build brands and control professional sports as well as athletic gear. Let's say 20% of those made dollars come back into our institutions and communities. That indeed would be a beautiful sight to behold, black economic, academic and athletic superiority on a grand scale.