Sep. 19, 2017

The Founders' Salute, September 19, 2017

I started yesterday with my narrative "THE DAY BEFORE", this morning I moved to this morning's narrative  "THE STEPS OF HURT GYMNASIUM, then I reveal my salute to this great organization, and I conclude my special blog celebration saluting "THE FOUNDERS".

I hope you enjoyed my journey along the way delving into this organization I joined 43 years ago in April of 1974, at the Morgan State College, now Morgan State University. "The A", one and only ALPHA CHAPTER of IOTA PHI THETA FRATERNITY, INCORPORATED. As I call all brothers to the floor, we got some here but we need some more.


The Founder’s Salute They Indeed Have a Glorious Horn to Toot


The Founder’s salute 

They indeed have a glorious horn to toot

You see the developed strong roots

Their ultimate goal was incredible black fruits

You see these 12 men had hard stepping boots

They settled all disputes

Each of them wore some fine suits

They built Iota up from the grassroots

They defined 5 golden attributes

For which there was no substitute

From Johnny to Lonnie

The Charles’s Briscoe, Gregory, and Brown

Albert, Lou, and Elias were always around 

Mike and Barron made up this fine crew

These brothers were fixing to make up a grand brew

You see they all knew how to fix a fine stew

They each were committed to seeing this thing through

Not one of them wanted to bid an adieu

Also, none of them wanted to wear any blue

Or be a damn Que and Alpha was not on the menu

So onto the steps of Hurt did they meet

This meeting was for more than just a damn greet

These brothers were determined to move their damn feet

The wanted an organization that allowed more than just the elite

If I was there I’d grab that gold and brown chair

These brothers wanted no one who put on an air

They were about to give injustice a mean Iota Phi Theta stare

With the fight for equality already  loaded for bear

They wanted more than to fix a fool’s glare

They also wanted more than just enough money to spare

You see these 12 brothers told dream thieves don’t you even dare

They also showed everyone that they should indeed care

Justice and truth were for every black man and woman to share

Anyone who defied them had to enter that dreaded centaur’s lair

Ow Ow I shout loudly Ow Ow and Ole

The founder’s salute didn’t Webster play the flute

The love for each other no man could dilute

The women around them oh my, oh my, how they were so cute

No of them sisters could be confused for more brute

Man, those sisters were so fine, make a brother jump with no chute

Hey guess what, that’s a hoot Iota's just given inequality the boot

Distrust and dishonor are forever now mute

They these men partied, they partied hearty

Yet we these 12 men stood yes they stood all 12 stood and they stood  

So boldly for glory and that my brothers is the Iota frat story.