Sep. 21, 2017

Black Out, Is It Time Yet?

This article in the Boston Globe this afternoon discloses the amount of brain damage suffered by Aaron Hernandez. I  assume that the National Football League will use as a defense that these injuries were post-football and incurred while incarcerated. So, Aaron Hernandez was another victim of the National Football League. Or should I say that Aaron Hernandez unwitting fell into the snare of deceit that surrounds those who manage this game?

The National Football League victimized Aaron Hernandez and Aaron, in turn, victimized others. The problem is that the National Football League knew that Aaron Hernandez's brain was being victimized by participating in the ritual we all know as American football.
The National Football League assumed none of the physical or financial risks with this knowledge. Aaron Hernandez, unknowing of his brain injuries was then allowed out in society unmanaged, uncontrolled, and also a possible danger to himself and others. The National Football League owners understood, and understand the gravity of this dangerous brain condition. Yet they never informed the Aaron Hernandez, or the other players of how this injury could in fact totally devastate their lives as well as others lives.  
What is going to happen with the revelation this afternoon regarding the team that analyzed Aaron Hernandez's brain that his brain was more damaged than any other person's brain at his specific age? I presume that the National Football League will put up a defense that Aaron Hernandez's brain was severely injured during his incarceration and not while playing professional football. 
We truly need to understand the depth of the deceit that owners and administrators of the National Football League are responsible for? My question isn't the guilt of the league that has already been determined. My question is the league's culpability in those crimes that Mr. Aaron Hernandez committed? Did the league knowingly allow a ticking time bomb out without giving him knowledge of what tremendous harm he was capable of?