Sep. 22, 2017

Stop Killing Us, Make That Check Sufficient



Martin Luther King Jr. discussed a redistribution of wealth prior to his murder in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4, 1968.  He indicated that the check marked insufficient funds was due to the entire black community for what was due them for the labor of slavery and the racist tactics of Jim Crow. The country paid slave owners $300.00 per slave at the end of the Civil War. Yet no payment was ever made to the actual black peoples enslaved. Understanding now that 90% of the Black Community lived under the boot of Jim Crow prior to the start of the Great Migration period between 1916-1975.  With so many of the labor force in the south working as sharecroppers and domestic workers, even the passage of the Social Security Act of 1935 restricted payments to 79% of southern black Americans. Did you know that also during this period the US Government were paying large subsidies to southern planters to either not plant or to support falling prices in crops? These monies were to be shared with sharecroppers on plantations to support their living expenses. However, because these federal subsidy checks were made out to the southern white planters the poor black sharecroppers never saw this potential wealth building income. Millions and millions of dollars that was supposed to be shared ended up in the pockets of the white southern planters.


As a matter of fact, the period of Reconstruction lasted only 22 years between 1865-1877. That was the actual period of time that blacks actually had some level of protected rights of citizenship guaranteed by the United States Government.  You see after the Compromise of 1877, which terminated federal troops from the occupation of the formerly the Confederate Southern Slave States the boots of oppression of black Americans returned at levels that were worse than during the period of in which we were in held in bondage. This period was labeled the Jim Crow South,  it lasted for another 100 years. Blacks who at least had value as property during slavery were terrorized without impunity from white Americans. The federal and state governments simply closed their eyes to blatant acts of criminal behavior which included the actual burning of black Americans at stakes, as well as publically announced lynchings of black men, women, and children. 


Many black Americans and white Americans say that happened years ago. However, if you as a Black Americans were born in the year 1975 and are presently 42 years old.  If you resided in a number of southern states, you still were confronted with state laws that specifically suppressed your civil, social and judicial rights. Now it has been disclosed that the economic disparity between people of color and whites in this country is similar to the disparity economically that existed prior to any civil rights legislation. It's almost as if the Civil Rights Movement had truly no real effect on the upward mobility of black Americans.


It seems that the only economic reparations that black families receive are if one of their children, fathers, or mothers is murdered by law enforcement officers.  The very same law enforcement officers that are supposedly to sworn to protect and defend their constitutional rights as citizens  (i.e Freddie Gray, Laquan McDonald, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner) The list of the innocents being murdered is growing while the list of the law enforcement officers doing the killing being successfully prosecuted is declining or disappearing. So this nation is saying only by being physically maligned and murdered. Will any citizen receive a financial judgment but dead people cannot cash any checks? If overt acts of injustice are the only option for getting paid, or if the only reparations that come they won't benefit the actual oppressed. It like all those dead black bodies left utterly destroyed by the white mobs during the Jim Crow period. No reparations were not even paid to either the victims of lynching or the victim's families.  America simply closed its eyes to these acts of terrorism. Today, America writes check to the victim family and then exonerates the alleged perpetrator who happens to be a law enforcement officer. America is still closing its eyes to the moral, social, and legal injustice being applied to black Americans.


I would think that most black Americans would choose to skip that alternative route to reparations? Just let the police kill you. Then get a check, but if you are killed by the huge influx of deadly weapons purposely placed in our urban centers., Well, sorry brother man, wrong place, wrong time. I hear a whole bunch of silence coming from our black leadership about why we as black people have been unable to build any significant amount of community wealth. So I decided today to attach this chart. You can plainly see how black Americans were intimately involved in building America into an economic and international power.  We even have many black people in the nation whose eyes are completely closed to the degree of punishment our ancestors have faced in these United States. 


I actually was one of those individuals thinking that if you work hard enough and put in the efforts you will be rewarded by this nation. I was made a disbeliever and now I understand that no matter your station in life, no matter the degree of education, no matter what monies you think you have or property you think you own. You are still closer to being Terrence Crutcher shot like a dog with his hands up. Then securing any measure of true justice in this nation if you are black and caught in the wrong situation.  If you are caught in a hater’s snare it’s still 1916 and Jim Crow is still alive and kicking.  So I think we need to be reminded as a people that our rights have been trampled far longer than they have been protected. Those rights that are currently being evaporated daily by judges and legislators saying everything is so, so much better for blacks in America today. I’ll take my reparations with my living body, I don’t want to be a bloodied victimized one thank you. The bill they say is around 6.3 Trillion Dollars America, we can negotiate final figures and add long with that payment, true justice.