Sep. 23, 2017

Melo Traded 2/11/2011, Traded Again 9/23/2017

This my Facebook post from Feb. 22, 2011, when was Carmelo Anthony was initially traded from the Denver Nuggets to the New York Knicks.

Today, Melo was traded to the OKC Thunder for two loaves of bread and some government cheese but no mayo. Melo's move to the Big Apple was full of promise and hope but ended in complete dissatisfaction as well as dismal team expectations.

Here’s the real question: If Anthony was so good, how come Denver wasn’t better?

Last year, the Nuggets were eliminated by Utah in the first round.The year before, with a pretty talented squad, they couldn’t get more than three games from the Lakers and kaboom out of the playoffs again.Look, Melo is simply a magnificent offensive player but he doesn’t defend. He doesn’t rebound. And he doesn’t make the guys around him any better. He might be able to put another team over the top, but not the Knicks.The shame of it is the Knicks were inching toward respectability for the first time in a decade. They had a young roster that hadn't nearly approached its potential. The point guard, Raymond Felton, was only 26 and was averaging 17 points and nine assists. Danilo Gallinari, 22, was good for 16 points and five rebounds. Wilson Chandler, 23, was averaging 16.4 points and six rebounds. Then there was Timofey Mozgov, the 24-year-old Russian center. Who needs another burly 7-footer?In other words, Melo to the Knicks is a useless price for them to pay since they are still far from being championship caliber team. They are maybe even further today from that objective than yesterday.