Sep. 24, 2017

Reflections of a Black Blogger, Sunday, September 24, 2017

It's was great to see that  "The Blackman's Blog" go over 111,000 Unique Viewers on Saturday. If I can continue to build blog exposure we can build this blog to 10,000 Unique Viewers per week or more. I really do appreciate the support I am getting from my social media network. I just came home from visiting Morgan State University this evening. I managed to attend the 50th celebration of 1967 Historic Morgan State College CIAA Championship team. I mean being able to see Iota Phi Theta Brothers Jon Sykes and Tex Dean getting recognition from the university after 50 years was inspiring. They were also honored at halftime so that the entire Hughes Stadium could give them thanks.

I truly wish that we never allow our black history to be a mystery to this and coming generations of black youths. You see we gave up so much to integrate into this society. So even say the black communities gave up everything and yet received little back in return for our sacrifice. Our current football team played the Aggies of North Carolina A&T, we lost the game 49-17. The game wasn't close but the atmosphere of night college football was very interesting. I hope that our current Athletic Department considers scheduling all home games excluding of course Homecoming for 7:00 starts. The sense of rebuilding the Morgan brand of competitive winning football must have the students and alumni jointly supporting the efforts on the field of play. With either a scheduling of (5) Friday or Saturday night games. Morgan should be able to build larger crowds to that come to home games beyond homecoming crowds. I mean why can't Morgan get 12-15,00 rabid Bear fans to come support our team. Maybe then the state will provide better seating for all fans, not just the limited select blue seat but the entire home section of the stadium filled with individual orange and blue seats, not metal benches. I had an idea place nameplates of every Morgan State Football Player in our illustrious history on those newly installed seats. This could be an excellent fundraising opportunity.

I was a little emotional at the game because you see the inequalities that exist between Morgan State University and the other primarily white institutions within the state of Maryland. You get a new video board installed but its much smaller than what you see at other institution's athletic fields. Morgan State University's history is so dynamic, so enriching, so powerful athletically as well as intellectually. You just want the gleam of our historic success to reflect all aspects of campus life. I also was so excited to know that on October 14, 2017, my fraternity brother, the noted artist, and former star running back, George Nock, will reveal statues of both Coach Eddie Hurt and Coach Earl Banks in the "Legends Plaza" which will be situated between Hurt Gymnasium and the Student College Center. That's why having nights will be so more visually appealing because Morgan's eternal light of historic excellence will shine ever so brightly for these two monumental men of black coaching greatness.
Morgan State University's next 150 years can be just as historical academically as well as athletically. We need only believe with the same spirit of commitment and pride as our ancestors did. I will never give up wanting the very best for Morgan State University, nothing less than excellence is our primary objective. We indeed can lead our communities that surround the Mecca of Hillen Road to new unbelievable growth. I remember reading the book Brian's Song as well as watching the movie. When Gale Sayers won the comeback player of the year award after returning from a serious knee injury. His teammate Brian Piccolo was in a North Carolina hospital suffering from terminal cancer that had invaded his body. Gale said, "he loved Brian Piccolo" and that he wanted everyone in the audience to "love Brian Piccolo" as well. He asked that each person drop to their knees that night and pray for Brian Piccolo. Gale knew that Brian was on his way to glory but he also wanted to people help Brian gain the power of each of their prayers.  
That's the way I feel about Morgan State University. I love Morgan State University and I want everyone within the scope of my network to love Morgan State University, and every other historically black college as well because without them we would have never reached any level of progression in our communities, nor any level of justice, or any gains towards equality. We must forever love these institutions because they are the fiber which binds us together still. We need not go begging for support from others we must demand support from us, each of us for the price these historic institutions paid to ensure we were protected even when we were socially and civilly neglected by the majority population.