Sep. 27, 2017


398 years and we no longer wait
we want action
otherwise, you get our reaction
some degree of action
is justice ever going to gain blacks traction
do you still see us as anything more than a fraction
398 years and we no longer wait
we want action
why does white america always seem to hesitate
we want it here and now
no longer can we wait for that trip to the pearly gates
we don’t want to be black targets in all fifty states
we’re tired of being denied by both party’s political slates
you ask us to stand
jumped at your every command
all the time knowing we build this here land
we made cotton king
made the oranges blossom
made the green beans snap
made the sugar cane sweeter
brought the heat to tabasco
stood in the blast furnace made the steel even stronger
stood in the hot sun much, much longer
made the peanut sing
created jazz, the blues, and even r&b
all the time while bending down on our knees
donated our bodies without our knowledge
created blood banks that we couldn’t use
and all the time waiting, waiting, and waiting
so yes, we want action
398 years of waiting
action is now our call
we even will plaster it against all the damn walls
direct and meaningful action
right now dammit action
action from denied rights;
action from constant lethal fights ;
action from now hidden jim crow;
action from economic woe;
action from an educational malaise
action from this drug-induced daze;
action from the urban military police;
action from forever being fleeced
action from living in blightful conditions
action from always having to seek goodwill missions
action from overcoming your need for total white submission
action from you taking our culture
action from denying to the world you weren’t the vulture
who stole and still teals our magnificent culture
action from constantly faking affirmative action
it's about time for some real strategic, creative balancing the scale action;
for some truth, economic and racial equality across the board action;
398 years and still we no longer wait
you see the time is now for us to enter this world’s pearly gates

#ablackmansblog Joseph S. Hall