Sep. 28, 2017

These Are Our American Brothers & Sisters

Puerto Rico is in desperate straits, I mean horrific straits, I mean tragic straits, I mean in a Hurricane Katrina type situation. This is an American territory, these are American citizens, why doesn't our government make this priority number 1 on everyone's need to do list. If 3.5 million people will have no power for maybe six-twelve months maybe we should consider sending multiple entire large generator systems to the island. What does the military do in cases when armaments have destroyed power grids? They create temporary solutions. I have an extra bedroom and bathroom so if FEMA wants to consider my home as a FEMA center pay me and I will gladly take a small family of Americans as live-ins. I mean these children aren't being educated, are being malnourished, and the temperature is rising. These are our American brothers and sisters who are facing these enormous challenges. Let's make sure that they are helped immediately. They aren't immigrants their ancestors have been American patriots who risked life and limb for American democracy.