Oct. 7, 2017

Oh I Am So Secure That Fannie Lou Hamer Reigns Inside Our Souls

Today is a Fannie Lou Hamer type of day

Why you say, is it that type of day?

You see to me and others know that Fannie did things her particular kind of way

Fannie never allowed injustice to stick around without some Hamer say

That’s why to me this is indeed a Fannie Lou Hamer type of day

She lived six decades on this here earth and for that, she earned a hero’s berth

You see Fannie Lou Hamer fought all of her battles’s on enemy turf

She desired for all of her people some good free earth

That’s why to me this type of day demands that Ms. Fannie Lou Hamer rebirth

So when my soul feels a little uneasy, and my thoughts aren’t quite breezy

Heck I may even think folks are treating me a little bit sleazy

That’s when we call for Ms. Fannie Lou Hamer’s words to stand tall

You see that secures that my beliefs will never ever fall

That is also why no matter what bad intentions may befall

That special part of my ancestry will build me up like King Saul

You see Fannie Lou Hamer never wanted us to be backed up against a hater’s wall

Her stature may have been small but Fannie’s was packaged with power

Which demanded that sister would never ever cower

You see Fannie Lou Hamer was sent to this earth to empower

She had incredible will and unbelievable brainpower

Her words and her deeds combined to create awesome firepower

That’s why today is a Fannie Lou Hamer type of a day

Why you say is it that way

Simply because even now through it all Fannie still leads the way

Fannie’s words and her deeds deliver the special type of a ray

That ensures that for me this is indeed a Fannie Lou Hamer type of day

I’m so secure that Fannie walks with my stride

You see Fannie never pits me against an unbeatable tide

I am with Miss Fannie along with a BIG FREEDOM ride

Her words and her deeds will forever be my secure guide

Her insurmountable determination fills us all with such pride

We’re all sick and tired of being tired when is injustice going to be fired

You say in 64 you gave us that liberty so why in 2017 are we still not free

They even have the nerve to discuss bringing back a hanging tree