Oct. 8, 2017

Sunday Musings "A Blackman's Blog"

“Reparation (legal) ... In jurisprudence, reparation is replenishment of a previously inflicted loss by the criminal to the victim. Monetary restitution is a common form of reparation.”

The movies Black Panther, Girl’s Trip, or Thurgood Marshall aren’t REPARATIONS. Especially considering the bulk of the dollars being pocketed are sent not to the black audiences that support these ventures. The National Football League, or the National Basketball League aren’t REPARATIONS especially considering the primary financial beneficiaries of the leagues aren’t the majority of black players who play the game but the white owners who run the teams and administer both leagues. Having a few black Hip Hop Moguls isn’t reparation especially considering the fact that these individuals are beholding to a white-controlled recording industry structure that command and demands the ability to control content. Nor is the newly opened African American Museum on the Mall in Washington, DC, REPARATIONS. Nor is the Martin Luther King Monument on the Mall REPARATIONS. 

Reparation (legal) ... In jurisprudence, reparation is replenishment of a previously inflicted loss by the criminal to the victim. Monetary restitution is a common form of reparation.

Reparations the direct act by this government or nation to drive the economic, educational, environmental, and judicial needle towards complete equality for the people of the darker hue. It is the actual payment due to darker skinned people who have suffered through the torment of this nation. The act of REPARATIONS is to make RIGHT those actions that actively were deemed illegal and morally wrong simply due to the skin pigmentation of the wronged individual. The systematic denial of rights for the past five centuries which has caused this widening gap of promise and possibilities for people of color in America. Until this gap of promise and possibilities evaporate. Then and only then will this nation have paid its debt to those who were denied the basic rights due to every citizen. People of color built the essential fabric of wealth that allowed this nation to prosper. The recognition of that debt must be reconciled. You cannot do that with the release of a 120-minute film, or a couple of edifices on the Mall.

So while I will support the symbolic memorials to our ancestors. I know that each of our ancestors would've wanted true economic reparation solutions, not symbolic ones.  Although these memorials, films, sports figures, and entertainers are quite visible. It is an illusion to think that any of these entities exhibit the concept of true REPARATIONS.  Congressman John Conyers of Michigan has constantly introduced legislation that would research options of deciding the terms of economic reparations for people of color in this nation. He has been repelled by leaders of both political parties in getting the legislative body of government to seriously consider his legislation. They will indeed build a monument to quiet the crowd but the economic inequality produced by systematic institutional racism still remains intact. It is seemingly as strong as ever as reflected in the current disturbed racial atmosphere that exists in this nation.

Martin Luther King Jr., Nat Turner, Fannie Lou Hamer, Malcolm X and every other person who fought for true equality of black people rights demand substantive payment.  That insufficient economic check of inequity cannot be satisfied by a few symbolic appeasements. The payment that has been due for centuries must be paid in order for America to become the true symbol of democracy and freedom. The United Nations has even dictated that REPARATIONS are due to Black Americans. This issue has bounced around for almost a century and the people of color in this nation have paid a heavy price for America’s inaction. I believe the time has come for a serious discussion of REPARATIONS to come to the table of justice.  What better time than now? It is only fair.