Oct. 9, 2017


“Think about people in Jamaica: they’re super black over there. Do you know a huge killer of young folks in Jamaica, even as you’re reading this? I’m not talking about crack cocaine or drive-by shootings or automobile accidents. I’m talking about bleaching cream. A huge killer of women in China is bleaching cream. That’s what Hollywood movies do with white supremacy. She’s got to look white. Did you know that in New Orleans they still have brown bag parties? What’s that, you ask? You and I go to a party, and when we get to the door, there’s a brown bag hanging down from the ceiling, and if our skin is darker than the brown bag, we can’t go in.”

Dick Gregory (2017)

The world is quite simply flat and I’m not talking about the shape of the globe, whether it’s circular or oblong really makes a difference. I discussing how information flows in our world today. Don’t think for even a minute that the DOVE images that project women of color washing with DOVE until the white appears, and the black disappears wasn’t done with economic intentions in mind. You see the parent company for DOVE, USA is, in fact, a multi-national company that is based in the United Kingdom, UNILEVER, Inc. We just finished reading on the “The Blackman’s Read Aloud Hour”, Dick Gregory’s last book before he passed, The Defining Moments in Black History, Reading Between The Lies. In the epilogue, Dick Gregory notes that even in 2017 people of color are seeking to wash out the color to become white. That is happening in at least two areas of the world he detailed in the book, China, and Jamaica. Did you know that even today in New Orleans the brown bag parties still exist? I thought that left with lynchings but no it’s still a happening. When Gilbert Arenas, former National Basketball Association player known to some as Agent Zero calls out Lupita Nyong saying that her blackness is unbecoming. She is in Agent Zero’s world simply too black. There is something amiss in our psychological makeup that allows companies to profit off this mental disease.  It’s the effects of the white supremacy tactics that have for centuries been in place to uplift the color white over any other complexion.

So when you see that woman peeling off her skin color from black to white. The message is clearly meant for those people of color sickened with the adverse effects of white institutional racism. Martin Luther King Jr. once discussed just how maligning this tactic was by simply going to a dictionary and looking at the words to describe white as opposed to the words used to describe black. It is an exercise that you should do with your children. So that your children become aware of how truly troubling the issue of skin color can be.  How devastating an effect of being born black can truly be. Especially if the images of being black are still measured in negative terms. Dove knew exactly what they were doing in the marketing department because this skin tone issue isn’t new.  Doing a little research and you will see how at one point people of color did everything possible to wash out the blackness and straighten the kinkiness. How many years ago was it that every black woman wore a natural now the children and grandchildren of those women are buying straight hair by the bushels. Have you seen former baseball player Sammie Sosa lately?  He has indeed taken the issue of skin bleaching to another level.

So, Dove, you can forget about the apology because it is a company like UNILEVER that have created this disease. You knew exactly who you were directing that campaign to when it was initiated on social media. You see more than 1/2 the population of the world has access to the internet now. Your marketing department is responsible for one primary objective and that is to grow revenue. So you entice those stricken by the disease of white institutional racism to think that DOVE Products are the treatment to feed into that sickness. That image cannot be taken back once it was released internationally. So don’t think that a simple apology will do because it won’t. Your company was caught overtly doing what many other facial and body cosmetic companies do covertly.  Yeah, people of color sickened by the disease of melanin you wash out the black and be white just use DOVE.  Didn’t I say that reparations should be an aim of our community, yesterday? This incident is a clear example that issue of institutional racism is not strictly an American issue, it is an international issue. 

If you want to boycott DOVE? Fine but the entire company UNILEVER is spoiled fruit and the entire tree is diseased. Not just one of its limbs, every branch, every leaf, every root, so boycott the entire company. This situation is as dangerous as the current resident in America’s Executive Mansion because it is the continuation of spreading a mental malaise that should’ve been stopped decades ago but let’s see, Let's Make America Great Again, continues to raise its ugly head.