Oct. 9, 2017

Jamie Hill, One Badass Sister, Or?

Jemele Hill is testing ESPN with her provocative tweets related to Jerry Jones and Stephen Ross's stance on player's kneeling during the playing of the national anthem. Either Jemile Hill simply wants to get out the sports reporting industry or she's simply a badass sister. 

When she tells her social media contacts on Twitter that they should boycott the very companies involved in ESPN's revenue stream. Then she is definitely walking a really thin line to sacrificing her career with ESPN. I totally support the players in their right to protest in a non-confrontational manner. 

Yes, Jemile, my sister you get paid by these same companies you want fans to boycott. Now ESPN has sidelined you for two weeks. Which means they will use that time span to identify your replacement. You stepped on the toes of two of the loudest voices amongst the owners, Jones & Ross. It didn't long for one or both to let your employer know that your tweets were unacceptable. I'm sure they also indicated during the call that you were expendable.

So again I repeat, Jemile Hill, is either looking to get out of the business of reporting sports or is simply one badass sister. I presume the next two weeks will tell the story of whether her principles override her paycheck. I stand with Colin and with Jemile, let's hope this works out for both of them. However, with Jemile Hill's conviction, her talents are wasted reporting sports.  Jemile needs to reporting real news not games and such.