Oct. 11, 2017

Our Communities Have Been Taken Advantage Of Enough Already

With 7 out of every 10 Americans having fewer than $1000.00 in savings. Why do we continue to see all these damn casinos opening across the country? These establishments proffer income from those who can least afford to supply these money snatchers with revenue. Everyone looking for that instantaneous run of luck at the slots, or the table that will change their fortunes in seconds.  Otherwise, we meander along in life from paycheck to paycheck while the 1% continue to dictate whether or not we will or will not have suitable healthcare. This 1 % have no questions about their healthcare. Their solution is simple any program other than what the majority of the nation has.

I can take a drive today and within 40 miles of my home, there are 3 large scale gambling facilities. I don’t live in Vegas or Atlantic City but in a tiny town named Chesapeake Beach, Maryland. These mega-sites with outrageous sparkling displays meant to draw attention mask the significant negative issues that businesses bring to the surrounding community, municipality, and the state. If 70% of Americans have less than $1000.00 in savings? Who are individuals that keep these money snatching doors open? We all know that the odds are always with the bank, or the casino. So not everyone who goes in leaves a winner. We also know that high rollers don’t keep the doors of a casino open. It’s the everyday Joe, Ike, Sheila, Linda, or Mike that sits and hopes of turning up the big winner. It’s not long before one of these individuals will sacrifice family needs into personal greed. These casinos bank on a person's emotional weakness or need for instant gratitude. All you have to do then is add some free liquor to the equation and bang you have yourself a "winner" in terms of the casino. These casinos are open 7/24/365 and they constantly are searching for those casino winners. To hell with the fact that a family may stave a little at home, or be cold because of an unpaid electric bill. Winner, winner, no damn chicken dinner.

The question I ask is just how many of these casinos are owned, lock, stock, and barrel by people of color? I’m not asking who works at the casino? I am asking how many people of color sign the checks and own the business?

Yet many of our elected officials of color jump head first into placing these industries directly in locations that cannot afford them. They look to secure the profit base from those with the least ability to gamble.  Maybe our elected leaders should be looking for more productive avenues to drive revenue opportunities in our cities and states? This craziness of having casinos every 20 or so miles from each other coast to coast is totally ridiculous. Sooner, not later most of these edifices of human greed will self-destruct like they are currently self-destructing in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Trump's Taj Mahal Casino closed one year ago today after bleeding investor monies for years.  Yeah, the same Donald Trump we put in charge of the United States Government. You know the master of the art of the deal. Donald loves to gamble with other peoples monies. 

 So what becomes of a former casino? Does it become a charter school? Or a series of fast food joints? We will need to devise methodologies of usage for former casinos. Because over the course of the next decade, we will have plenty of casinos closing in state after state across this nation. It is simply another future indictment of a society gone terribly wrong. You see not all money is good money.  If those casino monies rolled back into the communities. Maybe there would be the reason for them to prosper, or even if black communities owned the businesses but we don’t. My feeling this morning is that we force our elected officials to solve the real problems that confront society not contribute, or promote or support industries that have a track record of adding to the ills of society. Just my soapbox today on “The Blackman’s Blog”, our communities have been taken advantage of enough already.