Oct. 12, 2017

Why That Damn Corner

Why, brother, why? 

A dying black man’s plead

For some damn brother to brother humanity

I remember sitting next to you in class

We both were about ten I think

We talked about our dreams 

Both of us would be balling

All those beautiful girls would be calling

In our dreams, every basket we shot was falling

What happened to that dream

When did that dream lose all its steam

Now it’s ten years later 

When have you been my former friend

You Eastside now

I’m Westside born

Westside bred

With this life, I lead

Pretty soon I know I’ll be Westside dead

I understand you got your own corner

No longer are you balling

When did the beautiful girls stop calling

We both had a dream at ten 

Now our lives revolves around sin 

Spend most of my day now drinking Seagram’s gin

They told someone needed a corner 

Not just any corner that one damn corner

They paid a price and like a roll of the dice

Hell, I didn’t even think twice

You see my life now included murder and vice

That corner, that goddamn corner

Grabbed that Glock my personal killing device

It is also my toy

The sole purpose is to rip joy

From all black mama’s who have lost baby boys

I took the shotgun seat for a ride Eastside

Someone paid the price

I’d pull that trigger and wouldn’t think twice

We rolled up to the corner 

You were standing so tall

I pulled the trigger 

Didn’t know you were that same ten-year-old nigger 

I knew damn sure you would fall

You see they call me that nigger with a quick trigger

It wasn’t until yesterday that someone told me who I dropped

All I could say was Brother, why, that damn corner

Black lives matter…..stop all that needless black blood splatter