Oct. 13, 2017

Civil War, Really, Fighting For Trump

I keep seeing these threatening posts and news articles saying that if Donald Trump is impeached there will be a white uprising and a call for new Civil War.  Well, the last Civil War was initiated by the bombardment of Fort Sumter, what will be the target of the impending assault, McDonald’s?  You do know that only about 20% of the white population were sworn for vengeance in the last Civil War. The slaveholders and the few whites who were conned into thinking if slavery continued may be, just maybe, they could get a slave, or two, or three.  Hell, most those fighting for the so-called Cause didn’t have a pot to piss in. Yet the southern controlling aristocracy convinced these white folks that supporting bondage was in their best interest. Those folks jumped in with both feet to ensure that this minority of white folks kept their slaves. Not realizing that they were as much slaves as the people to the southern aristocracy as were the people held in bondage  Damn, talk about a psychological strategy, ploy, or alright deceit.  That is a trick pulled off by those southern aristocrats was a feat that even the greatest of all magicians, Houdini would have been proud to lay claim to. 


The controlling class has done a remarkable job of pitting the have-nots versus the have-less for centuries in this country of ours. Now, that same controlling class has somehow convinced this crazy minority of have-lesses that supporting of the antics of a crazed bi-polar xenophobic is worth committing suicide for. While Donald is off on some golf course, his legion of silent stupids will be in some basement plotting the destruction of this country. What’s funny is that about the same percentage of Americans who supported and voted for Donald Trump in 2016. It is probably a similar percentage of the rebels in 1860 who were yelling for blood and the continued of the bondage of slaves most didn’t even own. Now they have expanded the list of color-coded targets to include any one of the Muslim faith and every Mexican. Along with of course the reliable black people who are standard fare for oppressive behavior. 


Now, who will these new rebels target initially to start this fracas? Let's see how this is going to work out? 80% of sane America versus 20% of insanity driven Americans. The odds for the side sanity are quite favorable. So in the back of my mind,  I ask this question. Is this how people of color will finally get our promised 40 acres and a mule? The only problem is most of these fools supporting Trump don’t have the 40 acres to give. Sometimes, when I sit at my desk I think of the weirdest scenarios but then some fool on social media or televised media will simply give me ammunition that I simply cannot resist. This was one of those Friday’s that I couldn’t resist the urge to strike back.