Oct. 13, 2017

Shut Me Up This Is Insane

The Neilsen's Rating Are In! Yeah
The Trump Show has been canceled after 266 episodes, hooray, America! What, What, What's This They Are Saying, oh hell no, this can't be, no way is this even insanely possible. They are saying he was elected, so the Trump Show can't be canceled until it has run at least another 1,195 episodes, GTFOH!
After Trump dismantles ObamaCare and the Iran Nuclear Treaty, after already dismantling the Paris Environmental Accord, and the elimination of the Common Core National Curriculum. Exactly what will be left of political agenda of President Barack Obama? I mean in less this a year Trump has basically erased all the major initiative that was promoted by Barack Obama. It's almost as if the last 8 eight years never existed. No previous Presidential Administration has moved as fast to terminate policies initiated by the former occupant of the White House. I mean I don't even think Reagan erased Jimmy Carter's accomplishments in less than 10 months. How is this even possible?