Oct. 13, 2017

Post From 10/13/2016 Fix It

When political campaigning for the nation's highest public office becomes a sideshow of slurs, best of the worst, neither of the above, or he said what, or she did what? When less than 50% of the nation decides who runs the executive branch of our federal government and less than those numbers elects the legislative branch of our government. Well. maybe it is time for a comprehensive political flushing of each and every elected official in our nation's federal bureaucracy. When the campaign resembles more combative game show than real issue solution fixing. The political system is indeed broken and must be fixed or simply reignited with fresh ideas and true solutions, 

We can and should eliminate all political lobbying that encourages economic gain and possible graft for passing legislation. Even if the legislation is not environmentally sound policy.   
When the federal judiciary seemingly encourages the use of these tactics by encouraging corporations by utilizing corporate donations as a means of subverting the democratic process. Then maybe it's time to encourage members of our highest courts to take the corporate dollars out of political campaigns. The complete public financing of every political campaign with specific efforts to minimize special interest dollars in securing legislation or securing and currying favors that lead to possible corruption.  There is simply too much corruption taking place in our municipal, state and federal offices. Most of this corruption leads directly back to zealous lobbyists and greedy elected officials.

We must work in unison to FIX this broken electoral system. So that the period between 2012-2016 is never repeated with a do-nothing congress stifling the efforts of a worthy executive at every turn. Also eliminating the case of being saddled with the possible election of the best of the worst or deciding to choose neither of the above. This country needs solution finders as we encounter critical issues that must be confronted and no longer ignored. I would hope that this electoral process has taught America and Americans a lesson that only through vigorous active participation can this democracy fully achieve and reach it's potential. We cannot continue to allow the least of us to determine the fate for those who feel dismembered by a culture that discourages rather than encourages participation in the political process. The electoral process that generates this type of non-issue related animosity isn't a sign of democracy working but of democracy being side-tracked. American democracy is off the rails and only the passengers on the train can reposition the engine to avert disaster. That means all of us, no matter our color, or creed.