Oct. 15, 2017

Thurgood Marshall 200 Years

This afternoon I felt the urge to read aloud the championed speech of Justice Thurgood Marshall which he gave over thirty years ago to commemorate the 200th-anniversary celebration of the United States Constitution. Justice Marshall's eloquent words danced off the page and into my heart today. As I reflected back on and forward on the trials and tribulations we as a nation have faced and will face. That is why we must combat illiteracy in our communities so that these words are never erased as we face tomorrow's challenges today. We cannot conceive right now the upcoming changes to the living document that is our Constitution. Yet there will be changes that will reflect the moral and judicial fabric of our nation. So when almost 1 out of every 2 Black Americans has difficulty with the written words on pages in 2016. I again illuminate that one of our most challenges will be erasing that wall of illiteracy but it can and must be done.