Oct. 16, 2017

The Hilltop Mecca

This week on "The Blackman's Blog", I will celebrate some of those distinguished individuals of the community of black people who have worked to uplift the legacy of Howard University over the past 150 years. Of course, I cannot treat all the ancestors that elevated Howard University to mecca status. I know that without a Charles Houston where would we as a community be? How about Charles Drew? How about Carter G. Woodson? How about a Douglas Wilder? David Dinkins? The Rashad sisters? How about P. Diddy? How about Vernon Jordan? How about Anthony Anderson? How about Lisa Hazel? How about Denise Dobson-McDonald? How about Fred Ashley?
The list of names is endless that's why it is considered the mecca of black education.
This week on my blog (www.joesmokethoughts.com) I will revisit with Thurgood Marshall, Amira Baraka, Stokely Carmichael, Alain Locke, Ossie Davis, Ralph Bunche, Paul Laurence Dunbar, John Mercer Langston, James Farmer, Wyatt Mordecai Johnson, and Nnumdi Azikiwe. That's why I say that inside of each and every black man and woman sparks the light of energy that emanates from Howard University. Thank Almighty God that we were and are still blessed by her immaculate presence.