Oct. 17, 2017

South Carolina Is Supposed To Be Controlled By Blacks

Since the period that included the "great migration of blacks" from the southern American states. In the year 1900, almost 59% of the state of South Carolina was black. One hundred and thirteen years later, the percentage of blacks in South Carolina had declined to 28% of that state's population. That is a decline of about 47% in real-time numbers of blacks who were likely run out of that state by oppressive conditions related to the Jim and Jane Crow bigotry of white South Carolinians. I have to wonder how much potential black wealth was simply given up by blacks to escape the terror and bigotry of southern white supremacy? I mean when you look at the potential shoreline properties as well as the farming and industrial lands in that state. Just think how more financially self-sufficient and secure black people would be had we not to run out of those southern states.
If you run down the list of those southern states and look at the year 1900 black population percentages. You will see just how significant an imprint blacks had in the southern portion of this country.
1. Mississippi 56.2
2. Alabama 45.2
3. Florida 43.7
4. Georgia 46.7
5. N.C. 31.6
6. Louisiana 47.4
7. Virginia 35.6
9. Tennessee 23.8
Are all that potential wealth because any way you slice it, land increases in value. Many migrating blacks either had their land confiscated from them or they simply walked away from the land to escape the conditions that confronted them in those states. This fact alone should justify a declaration of reparations based on the potential land value loss that was given up by migrating blacks due to injustice and bigotry by southern whites. These whites benefited greatly by the migration of blacks because of the land delivered to them without cost.