Oct. 18, 2017

Saluting the Mecca Howard University 150 Years of Excellence

Adam Clayton Powell Jr. didn't attend Howard University. Adam did his undergraduate work at Colgate University. Yet no one can write the history of Howard University without mentioning the impact ACPJ had at Howard University as well as the impact Howard University on ACPJ. In terms of policy development presented by Congressman Powell to the Congress many of his legislative proposals were developed on the campus of Howard University. The affection that Congressman Powell had for Howard University was clearly one of respect and admiration. Congressman Powell only son attended not Powell's alma mater but he attended Howard University. Adam Clayton Powell was a frequent visitor to the campus as well as a notable speaker to the students and staff at Howard University. This afternoon I present in his words, my voice, a speech given by Congressman Adam Clayton Powell to Howard University's Graduating Class of 1966 on the "Seeking Audacious Black Power.