Oct. 19, 2017

Saluting The Provocative, Confrontational, and Defiant Strand Of Howard University

Amira Baraka (Leroi Jones) was a product of his times and he utilized his awesome talents to unmasked the ills of society. He spoke of love, confrontation, injustice, hate, retribution, remorse, depression, repression, oppression, the lack of justice, and securing black equality. His words also defined a young generation that seeking for ways to escape a system of institutional racism. If Howard University could've molded a spokesman for the turbulent 1960's, 70's, 80's and beyond I believe that figure would encompass many of the unique qualities of Amira Baraka. Leroi Jones lived a lavish lifestyle in Greenwich Village amongst the elite. However, Amira Baraka stood America on its heels and confronted through his words the injustice directly demanding its surrender. Throughout his life, Amira Baraka faced many challenges but he remained steadfast a symbol of defiance who wouldn't bend to fit any mold constructed for him. That's the beauty of Howard University influence, so to tonight, In Amira Baraka's Words, My Voice, I salute the greatness that is Amira Baraka, graduate of Howard University.