Oct. 20, 2017

Why Is America Killing Our Black Seeds In Niger?

This country, America, is more similar to a sectarian nation than most would care to admit. It's almost a 50/50 split between those who are committed and willing to hate and those willing committed to loving and finding avenues of unification. So many Americans have a religious fervor that works to both unite and at the same time divide. The question I ask is are we ever going to look in the mirror and see ourselves as what we truly are members of the same race of humans? Or will that cracked mirror always magnify our externally created differences rather than our human similarities?
I don't know but this week has been a tough week in which we allowed a soldier's death in a land he shouldn't have been in widening the gulf between the two groups even larger. Why was that brother who was killed caught in the violent exchange of gunfire in the West African nation of Niger anyway? These people who reside in the country of Niger could be his direct descendants. America, why do we feel the need to allow our young black soldiers to murder the seeds of their own ancestors?