Oct. 24, 2017

Jackie's Still Kneeling America In His Words, My Voice

"I cannot stand and sing the anthem. I cannot salute the flag; I know that I am a black man in a white world".

Baseball killed Jackie Robinson no doubt in my mind what he held in unable to express took many years away from this remarkable man. Well, 45 years ago today Jackie Robinson passed on to glory at the young age of 53, on October 24, 1972. Today on "The Blackman's Blog" I pay tribute to the man, not the myth, Jackie Robinson. Who by the time he passed was disillusioned with a nation that had attempted to beat him down so much simply because he was black and wanted to play baseball, the white man's national pastime? Jackie Robinson would have kneeled with Colin, America, understand that. On the day Game 1 of the World Series begins with his team the Dodgers going for Championship.‚Äč