Oct. 24, 2017


Blacklist is much, much, much more than a drama series on NBC involving the capture of international felons by a secretive taskforce of the FBI. Federal Agents who gather information from an international felon working with and against the federal government, Red Reddington. Blacklist is also the reality-based drama that Colin Kaepernick is experiencing because he has decided to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem. The blacklist is controlled by the 32 National Football Team Owners and the principal target is Colin Kaepernick.  These men have decided that no matter the circumstances even if their team's quarterback throws his throwing arm out of socket or his throwing arm is broken in two, or if the team's quarterback is totally inefficient. There will be no signing or even attempted signing of Colin Kaepernick to a National Football League contract in 2017. Let's see Green Bay, Cleveland, Arizona, Jacksonville, Baltimore all should be in search of a quarterback. Yet Colin Kaepernick still is unemployed, and most definitely null & void to the National Football League. Kneel America Kneel!

Colin Kaepernick is being punished for upsetting the proverbial white supremacist applecart. How dare this black man make a public showcase or attempt to put the public spotlight on the human injustice that exists in America. How dare he call out for measures that would alleviate the conditions that produce police brutality affecting black people in this country. He signed up to throw the ball not think critically about the ills of injustice. Throw the ball, boy, throw the damn ball. When you signed that name on the contract you should've chosen to close your mind and your eyes to measure of human domestic injustice. If that National Anthem is playing you put your right hand on your chest and sing the song. If you don't know the words it's in your contractual agreement to learn them. I mean even Jackie Robinson said enough already and he is a national legend, right? However, even if ratings continue to slip our brothers are so in tune with this game that they will watch no matter what. Blackout hell. These games were made for watching and that is what will do. Even if one day these games will take your freedom the hell away from you. Week Eight is upcoming and every black man in America should boycott the National Football League until Colin Kaepernick is treated fairly. Until then we just need to remember all the injustices we as a people have suffered and continue to suffer in America. Blacklist the NFL until the NFL recognizes the rights & privileges that our Constitution guarantees. It's time for that "not" my team attitude to end. It's each and every team that promotes this insanity.

Kneel America Kneel!