Oct. 25, 2017

Illiteracy And Voter Non-Participation

2018’s General Elections are 53 weeks away. Already Trump has scared off 2 republicans facing tough primary challenges from his far-right base in Tennessee and Arizona. In order to change the tone in Washington, we need to elect a veto-proof Congress and Senate to deliver immediate lame duck status to Trump in his final 2 years in office. If we don’t participate in next years election we stand a serious chance of the conditions worsening and Trump’s power base growing because no matter what you say they will vote. However, your votes will silence their votes and maybe some sensibility can find a home on Capitol Hill. 

Only 55.7% of Eligible Voters participated in 2016 General Election, however, 86.8% of Registered Voters voted. If this nation could reach just 50% of the remaining 43.3% Eligible Voters and 50% of the remaining 13.2% Registered Voters. We The People would really be We The People and substantive political change would be a reality. I mean 82.4% of all Eligible Voters participating in an election would rank America third behind Belgium and Sweden in terms of voter participation.  All that corporate money would be useless against that tide of democratic participation, you think?  We need to develop strategies that encourage not dissuade voter participation. What is Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, South Korea, Iceland doing that results in such high voter turnout? How do we change our policies to ensure equity in the process of voting? There must be something amiss that has driven the voting numbers to stagnant with regard to America's Eligible Voter Pool?

So many of our ancestors were humiliated, castigated, even castrated simply to do what every other American citizen had the free right to do, vote. Do we as a community simply ignore that cost and remain silent because our single vote doesn't count? Well, that single vote can add on to other single votes that could possibly shift the political dynamics of this nation. If we don't allow ourselves the opportunity to make a change then definitely change will never come. Also, isn't it strange that percentage of illiteracy in America matches the percentage of eligible voters who don't register and vote?  I mean 1 plus 1 equals 2 correct? So we need to tackle the illiteracy rate in our communities to increase the voter participation. Fairly simple voting and literacy rates matchup almost perfectly.