Oct. 26, 2017

Put On You're Thinking Cap

The Blackman's Blog Provoked Thought & Questions:
The National Football League owners are considering inviting Colin Kaepernick to attend the next players-owners meeting. Currently, it hasn't been confirmed that Colin Kaepernick will accept the invitation. I think the league owners may be ready to create a league hush fund account to quiet the turmoil surrounding this entire situation. The 32 team owners will each contribute $500,000 a year to budget and hire Colin Kaepernick to be the league's spokesperson for community social issues. Those 16 million dollars along with league sponsors financial contributions will allow Colin to distribute grants and assist in highlighting issues related to community improvement.
Let's say the NFL's plan is to sign Colin Kaepernick to a contract as the leagues "Social Issues Coordinator" but Colin never will be allowed to quarterback another National Football League team. In addition, with that agreement in place, every current player agrees to stand and participate in patriotic symbolism activities.
1. Will these league owner and player concessions be sufficient enough to "end the boycott" of the National Football League?
2. Or does Colin Kaepernick have to be allowed to quarterback a team in the National Football League to end the strike?