Oct. 31, 2017

My Blog Will Start To Use More Assets From NMAAHC

Mr. Hall— Thank you for your interest in using digital assets from the NMAAHC. It is the dedication of people such as yourself that assists in the essential preservation of African American history and culture. 


Your usage falls under our terms of use, so please feel free to download the image from our self-service site here:   NMAAHC Images. In addition, please adhere to the guidelines below:


•Identify the author and source of the Content;

•Do not use the Content to promote, advertise, or sell your own products or services or for any other commercial or unauthorized purpose; and


If you have any questions about the credit line or would like to request additional images please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Jarrett L. Smith


Smithsonian Institution | 

National Museum of African American History and Culture

Rights and Reproduction Specialist / Digital Asset Manager

Capital Gallery|600 Maryland Ave. SW Suite 37012

Washington, D.C. 20013-7012

Mail: MRC 509, P.O. Box 37012

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