Nov. 3, 2017

Friday Morning Political Thought

Now is the time for a personal reconfiguration of my political intelligence clock. I think that it should be our black communities intention to ensure that in 2020 new directions come forth related alternatives to the current two-party system. The time will be ripe for new political machination in this nation. This new party will embody the principles of both the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and the National Black Panther Party For Universal Change. The party will focus on delivering economic stability as well as a judicial, social and civil change in communities seeking new directions for positive action. 

Black communities have given almost absolute total support and blinded dedication these past 44 years to the Democratic Party. We have sought a change of direction within the principles, objectives, and goals of the Democratic National Party. Yet the Democratic Party has failed monumentally to meet the needs of our black communities throughout this nation. The evidence of neglect is strikingly visible that neither political party has sufficiently addressed the concerns within our communities. 

Many of our children and adults are in a desperate economic condition so the time is now to look around for other political solutions. If we as a people are truly focused on meaningful and comprehensive change. It seems that the rose-colored glasses must be removed and we need to see the reality of broken promises and outright lies. The Republican Party has no need for us that is certainly evident and the Democratic Party has taken advantage of our undying loyalty with crooked side deals or absolutely no deals. 

So it's time, yes, about damn time, for new political directions and actions. The same old same old simply isn't an intelligent response any longer. We as a people are so much sharper than that. It's time for us to coalesce with groups that align with our needs to force change. Change simply will not come by following this current path to nowhere.