Nov. 4, 2017


Saturday Night 

You Choose Neither 

The Black Blogger 

If you are a member of the minority of people of color in this NATION; who have been bamboozled by those seeking to maintain power and the status quo to believe that YOUR VOTE doesn't count? I simply say shame on you for allowing those external forces to undercut the privilege of voicing by voting your rights of citizenship? Just because YOU allowed some other forces outside you own personal convictions and morals as well as those ancestral historical footsteps you follow to seal shut your place in this democracy, well shame on you. 

If YOU didn't vote during the primaries but are unsatisfied with the choices on the ballot than good shame on YOU. When the democratic process includes participating in facets of that specific process and you exclude yourself from one of the primary facets than shame on YOU. 

You cannot blame the system's faults and imperfections as the single sole source of the communities decline when YOU refuse to voice with your vote any opportunity to change or modify the process. Shame on YOU when it's YOU who took the hype of voter disengagement to the level of total disconnection and voter apathy towards real community meaningful change. 

Malcolm X said the BULLET or the BALLOT he didn't us the option of choosing NEITHER. So shame on YOU for silencing your voice and attempting to silence the voices of those who can be easily swayed to silence their own voice.