Nov. 7, 2017

Predators Here, Predators There, Predators Everywhere

Sorry folks, but I tried not touching this Roots, Danielle Young article regarding Jessie Jackson and John Singleton with a ten-foot lacquered pole. Yet I simply couldn't resist once I got over the horror of Miss Young's encounters with Jessie and John. Just look at Miss Young with that wide smile and huge laugh while Jessie Jackson was sexually harassed her. It made me cringe and caused the hairs to rise up on my back. Hey, Jessie lighten up now get your arm off that sweet girl's shoulder, you leech.
Being the father of a daughter I now have to warn my daughter that if she feels that she is being sexually harassed by any man. Please, please don't giggle even if that scoundrel may start to tickle. If I am ever, ever, ever caught smiling and hugging any woman other than my wife and daughter or caught complimenting any woman for her magnificent beauty. Please take the time ladies to ignore the compliments and the hugs just call me a dirty old man and to ease the hell off. Your platitudes and recognition of beauty are simply unwarranted, Joe Hall.