Nov. 9, 2017

Where Are The Firefighters America?

In 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. told Harry Belafonte and Andrew Young that he felt he had led Black Americans into a burning house. Martin Luther King questioned that night the idea of true integration to Andrew and Harry. Dr. King saw a nation of divisiveness, bigotry, inhumanity, inequality, and injustice. He saw a nation more committed to destruction than construction. He saw a nation unwilling to release itself from the forces of hatred, racism and white supremacy that was continuing to infect this nation. Dr. King saw a nation that was burning inside out and outside in, a nation that was unwilling to place justice, love, and equality in the hierarchy of wants. He saw an America that felt that economic deprivation, international military aggression, and a lack of moral conviction has seized the body of a nation. 

Harry Belafonte asked Dr. King was could be done about this drastic situation and Dr. King said these simple yet provoking words " we need to be firefighters". In a matter of days after this conversation, America's chief firefighter of justice would be murdered in Memphis, Tennessee simply because he wanted to douse the flames of inequality, hatred, divisiveness, and inhumanity. Dr. King discussed economic redistribution as a means to level the playing field. Yet those few men who controlled the rules and regulations, most of the nation's wealth wanted no part of that equation. So Dr. King voice was silenced and his fire station was destroyed. Only because Dr. King wanted America to consider its past deeds and pay the bills for those actions that had caused the roaring flames of injustice to burn.

Well 49 years later the flames of bigotry and hatred are still stoked and that fire is as hot as ever. The amber of injustice and inhumanity seems to have been reignited.  This nation cares less about the needs of those suffering because of the ills of society. This nation has allowed the economic disparity between the races to widen. The nation has somehow allowed the public education system to worsen as our urban cities tetter towards destruction. All this America the flames of hate, bigotry, oppression, divisiveness, and inhumanity burning searing hot.
America is aflame, and there isn't a firefighter in sight.