Nov. 9, 2017

It's Just A Dangerous Game Man, That Needs Changes

Doctors diagnosed Aaron Hernandez with Stage 3 CTE, which researchers had never seen in a brain younger than 46 years old. The damage to Hernandez's brain would have significantly affected his decision-making, judgment, and cognition, researchers at Boston University revealed at a medical conference Thursday. Professional Football, hell it looks like Aaron Hernandez's brain injuries may have started in high school or college is simply a very dangerous sport. All signed contracts for participants must be guaranteed for the life of the contract, not just for the signing bonus and the initial year.

In addition, all participants in college football need to be compensated beyond the cost to the school of the football scholarship. I not talking about a stipend but I talking about a salary that can be utilized by the college athlete playing football. This guaranteed salary would apply only to college football players on scholarship, or on walk-on situations. Also, all college football scholarships must be guaranteed to academic completion. In addition, if a player pursues additional educational pursuits beyond the initial degree. Those degrees must also be guaranteed until completion. If we are going to be amused and entertained while these men risk imminent harm. It is the obligation of the college institutions and the professional football teams to ensure that these players are secured somewhat for the future because of the physical risks of the game.

I understand that these changes will most likely eliminate college football programs at many smaller institutions but something has to be done to protect players from themselves as well as from a public that desires the hard knocks.