Nov. 11, 2017

November 11, 1831

Nat Turner Combative Spirit & Restless Soul
Won't Ever Rest Til We Completely Free
November 11, 1831
"186 years ago in a hamlet in Southhampton County, Virginia the heroic Nat Turner was killed for his planned insurrection to free slaves across America. Although Nat Turner's mission failed. Nat Turner's name and Nat Turner's spirit will be forever placed on the pinnacle point as one of our ancestors who would rather die gallantly in a battle for freedom than to live a life as some white man's slave and man beast." (BlackBlogger)
Nat Turner was captured almost two months after the uprising in Southampton county, Virginia in 1831. He had dug a hole and remained there for weeks at a time, hiding from his would-be captures. On the morning of October 30th, Turner left his place of hiding in search of food and provisions. Soon after, a hunting dog picked up his scent and he was later take into custody. While in prison, Turner gave a detailed statement as to why he did what he did. He is said to have stated to reporters that he was called by God. He is reported to have went 'quietly' and 'calmly' to his death by reporters, on November 11, 1831. (BlackFacts)