Nov. 15, 2017

Hands Off The Trigger

Don't pull that "trigger"
That's not just a nigger
He's the son of your mother
The brother of your brother
The man who loves your sister
The father of your granddaughter
The father who will teach grandsons
He the man who could lead us
This man could even feed us
So when you pull that "trigger"
You think you are just killing another nigger
No, my brother, you are killing your legacy
My legacy, his legacy, our legacy
So get your hands off that" trigger"
You see he's so much more than just a nigger
He's your brother not the reason for your pain
Killing him won't wipe away that stain
However, killing him will erase our people's chances of gain
So release the pressure on that trigger
He's your brother, not a nigger