Nov. 18, 2017

Rest In Peace, My Friend

Since I started my blog Larry Frasier has been an enthusiastic supporter. He constantly encouraged me to continue my efforts. He also told others fraternity and non-fraternity to go my blog. We talked frequently about the topics I addressed as well as giving me insight on other subject matter. Many nights Larry and I would talk about channeling our efforts to create a school without walls concept that would deliver a curriculum that would allow black students to gain a more thorough knowledge of the total black experience.
We would talk from his office on the road the McDonald's near his home, free wifi you know. Larry also felt that my Blackman's Read Aloud Hour was service that should be replicated. I was there the day Larry entered Iotaland and little did I know that one day he would be the Grand Polaris of this fraternity. I used to joke with Larry about those cabins in South Jersey and those "beware of bears" signposts. I loved Larry he reminded me of myself in so many ways. He used to tell me that I disappointed him somewhat because I never committed the time to the fraternity that I should've. Yet he never allowed that to affect our friendship or brotherhood.
I loved him as a true brother and I will always remember him saying, Smoke, you are one crazy ass brother. I loved Larry for loving my faults and weaknesses yet understanding my compassion for doing good. When I heard this morning that Larry had passed it struck me at my innermost core because I asked myself rather selfishly who will I talk to next week? Who will I talk to whose home office was at his neighborhood McDonald's? Who will spit knowledge to me about the sad state of affairs our urban public school education is experiencing? Who will talk to me about possible solutions? Which of my fraternity brothers will encourage my efforts on my blog? Which of my brothers will call me directly after my black man read aloud?
Larry, I know you were struggling with health issues but I truly thought we have decades to spend together. I pray for all of your immediate family and the Iota Family as well. May the Good Lord welcome you with receiving arms and comfort you forever. You will forever be the pinnacle model of what an Iota Phi Theta Brother should be. I hope that the recognition you receive in your passing substantiates the great works you did while you lived.
Rest In Peace
Larry Frasier
Love & Eternal Blessings