Nov. 18, 2017

Morgan State Football 2017 No Holds Barred

The Black Blogger Writes: 

The Morgan Bears Football Team ended a horrendous 2017 season today with the 11th straight defeat to the Norfolk State Spartans. Our season record was a miserable 1-10. The only victory the Morgan Bears managed this season was a homecoming victory over the Savannah State Tigers, a team that is on the way out of the MEAC Conference. I know the players did all they could to overcome the coaching staff which didn't create any excitement in play-calling or team preparation. In also every game the second of Morgan's football games was when the team underperformed. This means that our coaching staff was unable to learn from the Bear's or the Bears opponents first-half performances. Our Morgan Bear defense came to play every game but the Morgan Bear offense scheme was not on par with the defensive efforts.
It's time to deliver a new football staff to Morgan State University. This year's team performance by our coaching staff was unacceptable. We created the Legend's Monument Plaza this season but I'm sure that both Eddie Hurt and Eddie Banks were dismayed of what the current football staff produced on this year's football field. I wonder if the statues considered turning away from the view of the field? While the Bowie State University Bulldogs are hosting a Division 2 Playoff game at 6:00 PM today. Morgan State University the premier black college from Maryland to Maine ends another season with a dismal record. Why can't we hire a coach who comes with a resume of success at an HBCU school? We need a coach that sees Morgan State University, not as a steppingstone move but a move to build great young black men to achieve success the field and develop the leadership skills to be builders of industry off the field of play.